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Nov 19, 2013

A Wake-Up Call for Fashion

I experienced déjà vu when I learned that Isabel Marant’s collection for H & M had sold out within a few hours of the store being opening. This occurred in spite of the store’s policy to limit buyers to no more than a few articles of clothing and/or accessories. The collaboration between luxury fashion designers and discount stores is a golden partnership for both but how beneficial is it for consumers? There continues to be high demand for and extreme anticipation for fashion collaborations of this nature. The media frenzy that results from the announced collaborations and the subsequent buyout of all of the clothes and accessories on the launch date certainly proves this type of partnership has staying power; however, I get the feeling that the excitement is wearing off for many fashion enthusiasts such as myself. What has caused the enthusiasm to deflate?

The clothes and accessories sell out usually within a few hours of the time the merchandise makes it on the sales floor. It is similar to what happens soon after Apple stores open their doors for customers to purchase the newest gadget. It is also reminiscent of what happens on Black Friday at major department stores when the first 500 customers receive a free necklace or gift card. Stand in line and you may still miss out. Get up at 5:00 a.m. just to be the first in line for something I may miss out on anyway? I don’t think so. Read more…

Oct 31, 2013



T-shirts have a lot to say these days. A t-shirt can broadcast much about your personality or your mood with just one or two words. It is much easier and less expensive, whether you want to be a queen for the day or a princess, to announce your entitlement to the world than it is to dress the part. If you can not marry into royalty like Kate Middleton at least you can pretend. Royal titles seem to have obliterated the competition for the most common title listed on Ts. Not a royal pretender? Perhaps, you want to magnify the fashionista aspect of your personality. T-s imprinted with the word, glamorous, chic or trend-setter may be more your style. There is no shame in being a shopping fiend; particularly, if you are a great bargain hunter. I think I just came up with another t-shirt catchphrase. Bargain hunter it is.

Maybe your preference is for a picturesque view on top rather than a statement-making top. Life’s not a beach, as stated on many t-shirts and placards, but you can advertise your love of beaches on your top.Sunrise, sunset, cliff top, hillside and other beautifully tranquil landscape views are among the many beautiful images commonly imprinted on t’s. Landscape t-shirts not only represent the beauty of nature they often can announce to those in your orbit your love for a favorite vacation spot and cause individuals to discuss that particular locale with you. This phenomenon is similar to the reaction that occurs when a t-shirt emblazoned with a favorite sports team is worn. Suddenly, you become friendly with individuals you’ve never met before all because of a t-shirt.

A t-shirt with the name of or picture of a solo musician or music group on it can also be an icebreaker if you are initially shy or quiet when meeting new people. Let your t-shirt do the talking. Music is always a dependable topic of conversation. Wearing a t-shirt with a musician or band on it will definitely spark conversation when mingling with those new to your social circle. This is especially, accurate if people are not acquainted with the musician or group. It is more than likely they will ask you to tell them about the artist or band. A t-shirt containing a picture of a legendary rock band will also ignite conversation. Read more…

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Oct 31, 2013

Cut It Out

There surely must have been a pile of geometric shaped fabric on the floors of design houses the world over when cut-out clothing was propelled into the fashion world. Garments and shoes that look like children decided to take a pair of scissors to them are both visually intriguing and fashionably daring. I admit I was completely taken aback upon first spotting the trend. I asked myself, “Who would buy a garment that appeared as if it had been partially destroyed shortly after being placed on the rack?” Initially, the cut-out trend was restricted to one-piece bathing suits in the swimwear industry. Now, cut-out garments have infiltrated other fashion niches, such as womenswear. Cut-out pieces have just exploded into the fashion sphere. It is now quite common for a single garment to have more than two or three cut-outs. Talk about taking the cold-shoulder top to a whole new level!

Trendy boutiques, such as Nastygal, Topshop and Forever 21 routinely feature cut-out clothing. I know what you’re thinking. It may be getting chillier where you are but grab some extra garments and layer, layer, layer! Find the correct pieces to layer under your cut-out shirt or sweater and soldier on! Graphic print pieces are perfect for layering under cut-out garments. You can also add an extra level of intrigue to an outfit featuring a cut-out garment by pairing the garment with a piece in a different texture. A lace top layered beneath a cut-out sweater will give your outfit an extra amount of zest. You can also pair a cut-out shirt in a neutral or monochromatic shade with a bold-colored tank or camisole for a glamorous look.

Someone definitely let the genie out of the bottle when they decided that cut-outs would be …Read more at

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Pink Reign by farfetchedstl featuring Miu MiuMatthew Williamson graduation dress / Brochu Walker petite dress / Clover Canyon blouse / RED Valentino pea coat / Sophia Webster black pumps / Miu Miu handbag
Oct 16, 2013

Matthew Williamson graduation dress / Brochu Walker petite dress / Clover Canyon blouse / RED Valentino pea coat / Sophia Webster black pumps / Miu Miu handbag
Oct 16, 2013


The recent proliferation of waxed denim has made it chic to be seen wearing shiny pants. Wax-coated jeans, which began a meteoric rise in popularity several years ago, are still on the trend radar this fall and have been broadly embraced by mass merchandise retailers as well as luxury designer boutiques .Wearing bronze, silver or gold-coated denim is definitely not for the faint of heart but I, for one, love the wow factor. Make your waxed jeans the sole signature piece within your outfit by pairing them with garments in soft or matte shades. Denim designers have wisely partnered with masters of dye techniques to create wax-coated denim that has a luxurious appearance. The result of this collaboration is, depending upon the denim line, a budget-friendly alternative to leather pants. They certainly equal the look of a well made pair of faux-leather pants. I, particularly, love the look of a pair of wax-coated snakeskin print jeans. There is a natural hip vibe the wearer of wax-coated animal print jeans radiates….Read more at

Pink Reign by farfetchedstl featuring graduation dressesMatthew Williamson graduation dress / Brochu Walker petite sweater dress / Clover Canyon colorful blouse / RED Valentino  coat / Sophia Webster pink glitter pumps / Miu Miu handbag
Oct 8, 2013

Matthew Williamson graduation dress / Brochu Walker petite sweater dress / Clover Canyon colorful blouse / RED Valentino coat / Sophia Webster pink glitter pumps / Miu Miu handbag
Oct 2, 2013 / 1 note

Give Me an H

Amongst the wardrobe treasures of many women there is a high likelihood that you will encounter the presence of more than one pencil skirt. Christian Dior, who created the pencil skirt in the 1940s, would hopefully be proud of the endurance of this classically fashionable garment. It is impressive that a skirt, with such a simplistic design, could so radically alter the way women dressed. Much of the clothing worn by women, before the popular advent of the pencil skirt, was lacking in shape. Remember the 1920s flapper dresses? It is, therefore, with sincere gratitude that I give accolades to the many women whom led the movement towards clothing that celebrated a woman’s form. Perhaps, without their insistence that more appealing clothing be created for women, we would still be wearing corsets. I shudder upon thinking of it. The pencil skirt’s structure makes it universally flattering to many figure types and an easy companion piece to many other garments. This, I believe, is the most apparent reason as to the popular origination of work wear that flattered the feminine form. Soon after the arrival of pencil skirts on the fashion scene women paired them with jackets or tunics, hence the origin of suits for women. As you can imagine, the most daring women began to pair the skirts with sweaters and tops. Thank you again, trendsetters of the mid-20th century! I dare not imagine the types of garments women of today would be wearing if not for those fashion wondrous fashion adventurers.

The pencil skirt, nicknamed the H-line skirt in the 1940s, is perceived as the type of utilitarian garment that can be relied upon to always ensure a woman presents her best self to the world no matter her emotional state on a given day. It is consistently on a list of the top five or top ten garments that every woman should own; but seldom referenced by editors of national fashion publication as a garment they just have to buy with that $1,000 or $500 budget they have. You know which publications of which I am speaking. Does an actress make it on an Annual Best Dressed List because of the fabulous pencil skirts she wore on the press circuit? Or because the pencil skirt she was photographed in while sitting in the front row during Fashion Week was sic? I think you get the point. Are pencil skirts so lacking in glamour that they are beyond boring? Don’t believe it! There are more fabulous ways to rock a pencil skirt than there are movies in the Friday the Thirteenth franchise.

            Below is a list of several ways you can wear a pencil skirt:

 Pair a pencil skirt with a pair of wedge sneakers or oxfords for a casual weekend look.

Pair a pencil skirt with a button-down shirt for the office.

Add a blazer for a more conservative office outfit

Pair a leather jacket with a pencil skirt for a casual after-work event.Top the skirt with a favorite T-shirt for weekend wear.

Pair the skirt with a pair of boots: Hint: Pencil skirts pair best with booties or ankle boots because of its streamlined shape.

 A cardigan or sweater and a skinny belt paired with a pencil skirt will create a polished look.

Can you think of more pairings? Please share your comments.

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Give Me an H (Skirt) by farfetchedstl featuring a haute hippie vestO.SA lace front shirt / Mango blouse / Haute Hippie  vest / 2b jacket / Jane Norman skirt, $40 / C. Wonder metallic jacquard skirt / Ivanka Trump pumps / Steven  booties / Pour La Victoire white and black handbag / Salvatore Ferragamo  handbag
Oct 1, 2013
Beauty Dolce&Gabbana Spring 2014. Milan Fashion Week by hamaly featuring Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz home decor / Polyvore Clipper / Dolce Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear / Dolce Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear / drop shadow / Dolce Gabbana Spring/Summer 2014 Ready-To-Wear / Dolce Gabbana Logo / Beauty Text / Polyvore Clipper / Polyvore Clipper / Polyvore Clipper / Polyvore Clipper
Sep 25, 2013
Darling Pump - Cartoon   (clipped to
Sep 24, 2013